Smart supervisors

The other day I was having a tough day. Lots to do, lots of things not going quite right, kids being less than awesome, etc.

At the end of the day Jessica and I had finally put the kids to bed and finally started making dinner for ourselves. Halfway through making the meal we realize we don't have enough hot sauce to complete the meal. So we pause cooking and I head to Macey's to pick up more hot sauce and some ice cream to appease the rough day both of us had.

I get the ice cream and hot sauce. Because I'm annoyed with us running out of hot sauce I get two plus-sized bottles, because that stuff doesn't expire for years. I pay for everything and head home. On the way into the house I drop the bag with the two plus-sized hot sauce bottles on the ground. Blegh. Totally my fault, the bag slipped out of my hand.

Now I've got two plus-sized bottles' worth of hot sauce on my driveway. And broken glass. And we still can't finish making dinner -.-

Out of desperation I call up Macey's and ask them if I can come back and get some. I talk with supervisor Lisa at the West Jordan Macey's. And she is so awesome she tells me I can come back and pick up the same hot sauce for free. Holy smokes what a great thing.

So I head back to Macey's. I ask if I can speak to supervisor Lisa to tell her thank you. The courtesy clerk gets on his intercom and says, "Hey Lisa, someone wants to thank you for hot sauce." Lisa comes out and I shake her hand and tell her thank you. What an intelligent supervisor. That $10 worth of hot sauce she gave away for free was worth much more than that to me. For anyone curious, Macey's grocery store rocks!

I bag the hot sauce, maintain a death grip on it until it's safely on the counter at home, and we make dinner.